VOCAL WORKOUT Online Singing Courses with ILana Martin

What is the Digital Voice School?

VOCAL WORKOUT is offering the Digital Voice School so you can access superior vocal technique through rich online courses. We want to give you extensive training in breath, range, delivery, stance, and style. Enrolling in one of our courses gives you access to our uniquely designed and curated content.

We want to share our resources to help YOU discover your voice.


Who is Vocal Workout?

The Vocal Workout Singing School offers world-class vocal coaching in New York City and Los Angeles.

Designed by celebrity trainer ILana Martin,

Vocal Workout effectively helps students achieve unique and radio-ready Pop/R&B sounds.

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for private lessons and group vocal classes.

Creator of the Martin Singing Method

"I try to be that teacher that really gets into the crevices of someone’s voice and helps them sing with more freedom, openness, and honesty. I absolutely love seeing the transformation that happens."

- ILana Martin

ILana Martin has developed a method for the instruction of Soul Singing, unmatched in its effectiveness. The Vocal Workout’s dynamic voice instruction is compassionate and loving as it fosters a connection between the students and their own vocal power. It enhances the students’ vocal gifts through mouth placement, dynamics, holistic vocal health and song selection coaching.

ILana Martin personally crafted the Digital Voice School online courses, taking years of expertise into the digital sphere. The courses are designed to bring the best of Martin's work and passion to every singer!

Based on her work with singers internationally, Martin built The Vocal Workout Method around the holistic concept of three-dimensional voice strengthening for range, delivery, and style. The method acknowledges the need for the entire body to be physically, mentally, and emotionally strong in order for the voice to resonate properly.

The Vocal Workout has become a renowned resource In New York City and Los Angeles for quality vocal lessons for professional singers. Vocal Workout’s Method and its coaches are remarkably known for their dedication, compassion, and call-response improvisation with students.

The Vocal Workout client roster has included Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Sean Garrett, Justine Skye, Stereo Crowd, Jake Troth, Earthdriver, notable gospel and jazz music legends, and Shae Fiol as well as others.

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